Monday, November 23, 2015

1st Anniversary & Fun Review on Cedar Crest Lodge

As I heard the familiar gravel road crunch beneath the tires, I knew we had arrived at our favorite getaway. We would be tucked away in the small town of Pleasanton, Kansas for the next 48 hours. Although our room was nestled back in the woods, the lodge sits on the edge of breathtaking countryside views. Like any guest would do, I ran to our room to see what our space would look like. I squealed as soon as I saw the giant King size bed and embraced its vastness, for it made my usual queen size bed look like a joke. I sprawled out and melted into the covers…vacation had officially begun.

But as any social media obsessed person would have to do, I got out my phone and dragged Matt out to the large back porch and we collaborated on several selfie pics, much to Matt’s chagrin. After the picture fiasco I grabbed Matt’s arm and we walked to the main lodge for dinner. (This bed breakfast does things right by offering both breakfast & dinner!). We were escorted to the adorable heated sun-room and the 3 course meal began- potato and green bean soup & rolls, breaded chicken with veggies and Yukon potatoes. And a chocolate torte to finish off the meal. AMAZING sums it up!
After rolling out of the sun-room- we grabbed movies & scrabble and holed up in our room the rest of the night. We stayed up until 1:00 am, if you know Matt that is beyond an accomplishment for someone who is on the verge of being narcoleptic & a devout morning person. Good job honey!

But not so good the next day, because we almost missed breakfast! And we can’t do that because the breakfast here melts in your mouth every time. I don’t know if I mentioned that this B&B grows a lot of their own food- so it’s fresh, tasty and healthy. Did I mention we love this place? In our anticipation of breakfast we finally wiped the sandman from our eyes and got up from the comfy bed to get dressed.  After a few minutes we were walking hand in hand to the lodge, mouths watering for FOOD.  Immediately we were entranced by the wood burning fireplace as we walked in the charming hearth room and one of the owners handed me a warm cup of coffee in one of their cute handmade mugs. Did I mention I really love this place? Did they know I’m a coffee snob?

Then after breakfast, something awesome happened. A God thing for sure! This couple was about to leave and we happened to strike up conversation. They were a blended family like us. The girl was super artsy like me (at least I like to think so). Soon enough we found new friends but only they didn't know it yet. They said their goodbyes to us and I immediately felt a nudging to give them our number. Of course I didn't want to look like a crazy person so like any good wife I sent my husband running out the door to give them our number.  Awkward...yes but awesome....yes! God works in mysterious ways & we just might have met some new best friends.

After calming down from meeting someone else who had stuff in common with us Matt spoiled me by buying me a massage, which they do on site. Seriously, I think this B&B has got things down. You don’t have to leave their property, everything is at your fingertips! I insisted that Matt get a massage too, but he doesn’t like anyone else touching him, I guess I can’t complain!  After my massage, I was a goner. The rest of the day was spent sleeping on the giant King sized bed, until it was time for dinner of course. I can’t miss a meal-ever! We were wined and dined again with a meal that almost topped the first one- fresh salad & rolls for starters, salmon, risotto, and Brussel sprouts for the main dish & the most incredible pear cheesecake I ever had for dessert…and I don’t even like pear. This cheesecake was perfection!

After dinner Matt used the steam shower in our room for the 100th time. Okay- so let me back up. When we first got there and saw the shower in our room- I was a little terrified. It looked like a contraption or spaceship. When we used it the first time, I almost took Matt’s eye out when I turned on one of the jets. It was pretty hilarious. But really this shower is genius. There is 500 different settings for massage and ways to take a shower and on top of that there is a steam option. It’s like a sauna shower and now we want one. But we can’t get one because Matt will never get out & it’s probably like a gazillion dollars. But good move for this B&B, this shower is clutch (I hear that is a cool word for kids these days?).

The rest of the night we watched Crazy, Stupid, Love, we love Steve Carrell (who doesn’t?), and then we watched The Office for hours. It was fun and we didn’t miss breakfast the next day. But let me tell you about breakfast the next day.....

French toast made with French bread topped with a slice of orange and maple syrup! I’m coming back just for that. And just when we thought we were done with breakfast they brought out eggs, sausage and an adorable cup of fruit (if fruit can be adorable) as a second course. But it was the best way to finish the weekend! Oh ya and the fact that I saw a 6 point deer dash across the field in front of us. NEVER seen that that before but that thing was majestic, straight from Bambi. After breakfast we thought we would make use of our time and took a walk on one of the scenic trails, we were determined to find that buck! (And we had to do something besides lay around the whole time!) I climbed a few trees, Matt stared out into the countryside wishing he could buy a house on top of some random hill he saw in the distance, and that was that. A wonderful stay at Cedar Crest Lodge with the most loving husband ever.

And just so you know I actually didn’t get paid to write this overview of our anniversary at Cedar Crest Lodge. We actually just love the place so much and encourage any KC peeps to check it out & anyone else for that matter. Oh and tell Matt & Laura the owners (cool name Matt) that the Alison's said hi. 

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