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Half Written 
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I used to put God on the back burner until I got things right. But there was one big problem with that; I never seemed to get things right. I was always falling into temptation, I was always facing the same battles. My perception of the almighty God was a rule based one, I truly believed that He would want nothing to do with me unless I could live up to what a strong Christian should be:


I didn't measure up to this list. Not even close. And so I would tell myself that I was not worthy and that I was not a strong Christian. But the truth is that I had a "me" version of God. I put God in a tiny box and put my sin on the throne. I thought my sin was bigger than what God could handle. I thought my story was a story of never cutting it. 

But then God showed up in the darkest time of my life. He pursued me. He opened doors for me. He loved me in a audacious way. And I realized the profound truth; God was not rules at all Instead, He was what no one or nothing else could be. He met me in the secret places where I held onto my shame and showed no judgment.  He showed me grace. A kind of grace that surpasses what the world can offer. The kind of grace that removes disgrace and ugliness. God created beauty from my ashes.
 His story won, the one that He has for me. The better story. The one that was written so long ago yet is relevant to everyone today.  The fall of Adam and Eve was trumped by Jesus coming to reconcile us to God. Nothing we can do or did can change that truth. We are loved and saved by grace. A grace that is available to all who want it. 
My hope for Half Written is that others who are wandering in the wilderness of defeating cycles and broken perceptions of God will receive the same grace I did. I pray that others will find that there is so much more to our stories than the messiness that we get ourselves into.  We can let God's story win, the one that says we are loved beyond comprehension, we are forgiven and set free, we have a purpose. 
We can never be too far gone from Jesus. He came here to rescue us from that belief. Now all we have to do is receive and believe that the battle has already been won for us, His beloved children. 
 Stay awhile for devotions and if you need healing check out my memoir Half Written now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

There is more to your story,
Nicole Renee

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