Monday, February 8, 2016


I want to share a little about Ruth from the Bible. She was surrounded by temptations. She was born into a town and reputation of worshiping pagan Gods, giving into sultry wants and desires. 

Her husband, her sister’s husband, and her mother in laws husband all died. 3 woman were left alone to fend for themselves. 3 woman grieved together. Naomi the mother turned cold and bitter over the loss of not only her husband but her children – her very flesh and blood. There was nothing left in the town of Moab for her, except her 2 daughters. But she longed for Bethlehem, she longed for a town that worshiped the one true God.

As Naomi made her intentions known to her daughters to leave Moab, the sisters reached a fork in the road. Would they stay or would they follow Naomi? They were warned they would not be welcomed with open arms in Bethleham-they would be outcasts and men would probably not come within 6 feet of them- they would be like harlots. Doesn't sound too promising especially for 2 girls that were still young enough to marry and have children. 

But Ruth – she was loyal and brave. She didn’t want to be anywhere where Naomi wasn’t. She decided to leave her family and her comfort zone. I can imagine her family giving her the hardest time. I can imagine people questioned her reasoning. But Ruth didn’t waver. She went and wanted to know God and His people.

I have asked myself a thousand times - what would I have done? How many times have I gone into the unknown to know God more? How many times have I let people talk me out of what I felt God was calling me to do? How many times has fear won? I know the answer…too many.

If you have read the story of Ruth, you know that both Naomi and Ruth were incredibly blessed by God. But it didn’t come easy. It came through faith, blind faith at times. It came not only though believing but stepping out in that belief. Stepping towards the unknown.

What is it that keeps you in your own Moab land? A rotten relationship? A dream you never go after because you don’t believe your good enough? Anxiety or depression? Failing too many times? Just plain old fear?

If you’re tired of being held back by yourself- then be like Ruth. Go where God is leading. Go when you don’t fully understand. Go even when others don’t get it. Let go of your Moab land and go towards the place you have been wanting to go but have been too afraid. Just one step into the unknown will take you further than you are right now.

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