Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Slingshot Questions

For so long I used to slingshot questions to God...why, why, why, when, when, when. But there was no answer or  neon sign, the only response I would often get was crickets chirping in the night and my own quiets sobs into my pillow. Yet the truth is that God was not silent, he was just not showing me what I wanted to see. 

I was clinging onto my questions and rejecting God's answers. I held onto relationships, struggles, and fears thinking I was abandoned. But in reality I was stuck in the small picture rather than the big picture. As seasons have passed, I have learned something important.  There is always a beautiful reason we are going through an ugly mess. And sometimes the only way to get through whatever it is we are going through is to believe that there is a bigger story. 

When I learned to stop pleading and rely on the plan that is unfolding, I wasn't so afraid to let go of things I wanted so badly. As I began to surrender my questions to God, He showed up. In other words, I started getting out of God's way. I let Him lead, even when I didn't like where I felt He was going. But then I started to find this strange peace, I started to worry less. I didn't have as much desire to know the why and when. I just wanted to be His and trust that He has good for me.

If your calling out for answers today, be dependent on the fact that God knows your deepest desire, pain, frustration, shame and hurt. Lay down your whys and whens at the foot of Jesus- rely on the bigger story that is unfolding and find peace in being His.

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