Thursday, September 10, 2015

Park Bench Wanderers

We have all seen a picture of a person on a bench in some random park at their wits end at some point.  The person that remains nameless has that noticeable sullen look of defeat, head hung low as fingers rake through locks of hair or they have their head face planted in their hands, sobbing. I think we have all been at that place at some point or may be there now. A million different opinions swirling through a foggy mind, hoping that a neon sign would show up out of nowhere with the answers. Maybe we sit on the park bench in the middle of nowhere in defeat because our life is not what we hoped for or expected. Maybe we caused a problem that we can’t fix anymore. Maybe we failed again and can’t stand ourselves and would rather pull out our hair then run our fingers through it. It’s in this place that we want so badly to give up and believe that we are not good enough anymore or maybe never were.

To my fellow park bench wanderers (or street walkers or pillow sobers) here is my hope for you. Nothing you are going through is wasted because of the love Jesus has for you. Right now, whatever battle you’re facing, Jesus can love you in it and through it. In the mess there is a sacred mission that involves your individual circumstance. Turn off the banter of others and tune into Jesus. Let him know you’re a mess, a failure and you’re hurting beyond what you can handle.  Cry out to him all the guilt, heaviness and shame you feel. Don’t turn away from the ONE thing no one can take away. No one can take away the promise the Jesus loves you no matter what you did or what you’re going through. No one can take away the truth that Jesus knows every single secret and every single tear drop and still wants you.

I love that Jesus loves us so audaciously and that He offers something that covers everything that has gone wrong and makes it right. So, park bench surfers like me- look up and look within. Jesus can use your situation, whatever it may be. Hold onto the fact that when we give our situation to Jesus, whatever shape it may be in, it will be used for the benefit of the Kingdom in His time.

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