Monday, September 14, 2015

The Truth About Rejection

There was no doubt in my mind I would get the hostess job at the Cheesecake Factory. I mean, how hard could it be to be a hostess, I remember thinking to myself. I was bubbly, kind and smart enough to direct people to their table-right?  I boldly walked into the brand spanking new restaurant and plastered a charming smile on my face. There just so happened to be a hiring "event", and they were hiring on the spot. Slam dunk, I thought to myself. I was ushered through a curtain into booth after booth of mangers. Words rolled off my tongue, I was smooth like butter. I couldn't wait to hear, "your hired" in just a few short moments. I reached the last booth and waited. Finally the hiring manager approached me with a grin on his face- I knew it- I got the job! When his mouth opened, it was not what I expected. It was as if he was talking in slow motion..."We chose to go with other candidates at this time, thanks for applying, best of luck to ya".

It was like a punch to the gut, a smack in the face. I remember getting in my car, holding the tears back...or more like immense embarrassment. I couldn't even get a frickin' job at the Cheesecake Factory, as a frickin' hostess??? My self worth began to unravel. I was not pretty enough, smart enough or good enough. My boyfriend at the time was awaiting my call, my parents were awaiting my call. I could see the next few minutes of my life vividly. A pause on the other end of the line, my boyfriend and parents wondering what to say and offer their condolences as they scratch their head in wonder as to why I couldn't even get a job at the Cheesecake Factory. I was cringing inside with horror- I was rejected by something I thought was so attainable. I thought I was more than adequate for the job, but that day, I felt like a complete loser.

Yet I'll never forget what I learned that day. It wasn't the first time I had been rejected nor the last time. But I think it was so awful because I believed I was more than capable for that job but I just didn't make the cut. It's like being the only girl that didn't make the cheer-leading squad in high school. But because of the Cheesecake Factory rejection, my backbone grew a little stronger and I wasn't as afraid of being rejected the next time. In fact, I felt like I could take any rejection that came my way. I had been humbled yet strengthened. The reason I was thinking of this story today is because my writing journey has been a lot like this. I want to reach so many people that are hurting but at the same time I'm putting myself out there in a personal way. It's been awesome but nauseating at times. Nauseating at times because my heart and soul is out there for all to see. I would be lying if I didn't admit that I still have a little fear of being rejected. But at the same time, I believe so much in what I'm doing that even if one person is touched by my stories than its all worth it.

So here is my encouragement! If you have been rejected or are afraid of doing something because you may be rejected- don't give up doing what you believe in. If you are met with rejection- let it make you stronger and braver for the next time you put yourself out there. Rejection can actually be the best thing that happens to you.


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