Friday, May 29, 2015

Writing Tips

So you love writing? Me too! Below are some FUN tips that have helped on my journey to becoming a better writer.  I hope you will be inspired by them on your journey, too.


Be Inspiring
If you don’t get chills or shivers of excitement when you’re writing, why would anyone else? If you find yourself daydreaming or falling asleep as you’re typing or writing old school with a pencil, that is probably not a good sign, take a break and come back later.

Find Your Voice
This has been my greatest challenge! I don’t want to sound like anyone else, but sometimes I’m afraid to sound like me! Take a chance, be vulnerable, the best things can happen “outside the box”.

Be criticized
But in a healthy and beneficial way. If the only thing someone says about your work is “I love it” or “that sucked”, you may need to call in reinforcements. Sure it’s nice to fluff up your ego with some pretty compliments but you’re not going to get any better at writing if you don’t have some constructive criticism….unless you’re Francine Rivers of course ;). And if someone says “it sucks”, I think it’s time to reevaluate who you are hanging with….just saying.

Writers Block?
It’s time to get moving. Go explore, take pictures, breathe in the fresh air, and then get back to work! Play wordsmith and redefine the norm. You’ll be typing along in no time.

Read Others Work
I used to hate doing this, I actually used to get demotivated. I started to compare and get lost in the crowd. But then it started to help me, it was great to see how others used words and experiences to cultivate their message. It actually helped me find my own voice and get out of writers block.

Become a Note Hoarder
My favorite work has often come from little thoughts that popped up out of nowhere. I would always jot them down on receipts, old homework, journals, toilet paper….what? It can be used for more than just your hinny.

Best Work
Strive to thrive, write intentionally and put your best work out there. Build a portfolio, and over time you can turn your hobby into a career.

Write at all times
Enter contests, try freelancing, start a blog, get out of your element, push the envelope. Believe you’re always on the brink of genius!

This is my favorite! Believe in your God given talents! Pour authentically into your craft and watch it blossom, because it will!


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